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Top 5 things to bring: the essentials

1.   Yourself…on time! Our trips depart promptly, so please ensure you are at your departure point in good time to allow time for loading luggage.

2.   Your PASSPORT! Please ensure that your passport has at least six months’ validity from the date of your trip’s return to the UK. If you hold a passport from a country other than the UK, please check beforehand any visa requirements for all the countries you will be travelling through and not just to.

3.   Local currency.

4.   Medication. Guests are responsible for their medication. Although we carry a first aid box, we do not supply paracetamol or other tablets for headaches and pains etc. Also, should you be travelling alone, bring a letter stating any allergies or procedures that should be followed in a medical event and make yourself known to the driver beforehand for example if carrying medical devices that should be used in case of emergency. Also apply for your European Health Card (also popularly known as E-111 card) that may provide some limited medical care, in good time. You may be required to pay up-front for care and claim back upon your return to the UK.

5.   A smile and a great attitude! Let’s have fun!

Before we get into the thick of the action, please find below some Star Tips our customers have shared with us along the way:

Star Tips 

1. Travel Pillow: inflatable ones weighs next-to-nothing, take up little space in your luggage allowance and help you get decent rest.

2. Money Belt. Sad though it is to admit, tourists make good pickpocketing prospects, so it makes perfect sense to have a money belt or bum bag, so you can keep your valuables with you as securely as possible at all times.

3. European Travel Plug Adaptor: Plug Adaptors are great for charging mobile phones or electrical items such as hair straighteners that you may bring when travelling.

4. Luggage Tags: As you will be travelling with many others passengers on the coach, they is a fair chance that someone may have a similar luggage as yours. Avoid inconvenient and occasionally embarrassing mix-ups by tagging all your luggage.

5. Eye Mask: Eye masks are great when it comes to travelling. As you may experience early starts and late finishes, it aids getting some approximation of darkness to help you sleep better en route.

6. Ear-plugs: Ear-plugs are brilliant when taking a rest.